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Delivering your shipments internationally

Our hub in Singapore delivers shipments to the world, catered to most budgets and purposes.

International Express Delivery

Quick and cost-effective way to deliver shipments door-to-door across Malaysia.

GDEX Guidelines: International Shipping Made Simple

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Fill out the commercial invoice with our easy-to-read manuals and use our guide to find out the specific regulations of each country.

International Shipping Guideline

Customer Invoice and Packing List

Prohibited Items List

Freight Services

We’re trusted by businesses of all sizes, across many industries, to deliver shipments to over 212 countries across the world.

  • Cross Border Land Freight

  • Air Freight

  • Sea Freight

We’re ready to solve your problems

Our customs declarant specialists are highly-trained to facilitate complex import and export customs clearance. Contact us for more details:

Useful Tools & Shipment References

Gather all the information you’ll need before creating a shipment. All tools and materials to guide you in the delivery process, ready at your fingertips.