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Temperature-controlled to deliver chilled & frozen shipments your way

We deliver medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, meat, seafood, fresh produce, and more, at the required temperature and condition.

GDEX COOL orders can be easily placed through myGDEX Prime

The temperature of your shipment is closely monitored and controlled throughout the delivery process — made possible by high-performance eutectic ice packs.

  • High capacity loads

  • Stringent quality control

  • Comprehensive contingency plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of parcel is GDEX Cool able to deliver?2022-12-14T15:30:31+08:00

Chilled Parcel:

  • Temperature between 0ºC to 8ºC
  • To be pre-cooled by sender at least 6 hours before pick up

Frozen Parcel:

  • Temperature between -15ºC to 0ºC
  • To be pre-cooled by sender at least 12 hours before pick up
How many days does it take to deliver?2022-12-14T15:31:06+08:00

Delivery to destination should not take more than 48 hours from pick-up date. GDEX Cool warehousing service is currently unavailable.

What are the required service conditions?2022-12-14T15:32:52+08:00
  1. Items must be packed in cardboard boxes
  2. Use of foam boxes is not advisable
  3. Delivery date from pick-up date is not more than 48 hours
  4. Product must be chilled/frozen before pickup
Is there any packing guide for GDEX Cool?2022-12-14T15:33:24+08:00

Appropriate materials and packaging are required, depending on the shipment content.

GDEX COOL items packed with foam boxes are accepted but NOT advisable, as the boxes are made from temperature-resistant material. Standard GDEX pick-up without temperature-controlled equipment are allowed to pick up such shipments with foam boxes.

What is the recommended packing method for GDEX Cool shipments?2022-12-14T15:34:32+08:00
  1. Ensure all seams are sealed using H-taping method
  2. Use a new corrugated cardboard box
  3. Pack with peanut foam or bubble wrap
  4. Cling-wrap wet parcel to prevent leaks

Will GDEX reject my parcel/packaging?2022-12-14T15:35:17+08:00

Yes, if…

  1. Packaging is not sturdy
  2. Decorative packaging is used
  3. Taping is not secure
  4. No proper packaging for fragile items
  5. Recycled cardboard boxes are used
  6. No proper sealing/taping with original packaging

What are the prohibited items?2022-11-22T12:39:34+08:00


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