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GDEX Standard Liability: Small fee, great peace of mind

All GDEX’s shipment come with a limited basic coverage for loss and damage.

Standard Liability protects your shipments from all risks and eventualities during shipping. It’s a fast, easy, and affordable way of protecting your shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Standard Liability Coverage?2023-01-02T18:54:56+08:00

Standard Liability Coverage (SLC) is a new solution offered by GD Express that will cover the shipment from all risks during the course of carriage. With this coverage, there is an enhanced system to monitor your shipment.

How long is the coverage period?2023-01-02T18:55:49+08:00

SLC provide extensive coverage against all risks from the point of collection/receipt of the shipment until delivery of the same to the recipient. The ELC coverage is deemed expired upon recipient signed and/or stamped on the Proof Of Delivery without raising any loss, damage, shortage and/or any other dispute to the shipment.

What constitutes All Risks?2023-01-02T18:56:20+08:00

Please refer to Standard Condition of ELC, copy of which is available upon request.

What is the coverage?2023-01-02T18:57:00+08:00

ELC will override the existing liability of RM200 provided by GD Express and increase the amount of liability to the full value of the shipment but with a maximum liability of RM10,000 per consignment note.

What types of commodities for SLC?2023-01-02T18:57:30+08:00

Please refer to CCU/Customer Service/Sales personnel for further information.

What will be the basic of declaration?2023-01-02T18:58:02+08:00

Shipper may declare their shipment(s) in any value they wish. An Average Clause Claim formula shall be adopted. However, shippers are recommended to declare their shipment(s) according to the market value.

How should the shipment(s) be packed?2023-01-02T18:58:50+08:00

Shippers must ensure appropriate packing of shipment(s) so that the contents are appropriately protected during the normal pallet and parcel processing and mechanical sorting, as well as to prevent the shipment(s) from causing damage to other shipments. Each shipment must be packed and sealed in a manner befitting the weight, size and nature of the contents. The mode and duration of conveyance must be taken into consideration. In the event that the shipment(s) is not packed in an appropriate manner, it is at the discretion of GD Express to either reject the shipment(s) or send the shipment(s) at the shipper’s own risk.

Will GD Express inspect the shipment(s) before proving coverage?2023-01-02T18:59:19+08:00

Yes, inspection will be done under high security surveillance.


Claims will be paid within 14 working days provided sufficient documents are received by GD Express CCU.

What is not covered in Standard Liability?2023-01-02T19:03:00+08:00

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance protects the value of your goods against potential losses during transit. Common cargo insurance plans include:

  • Single Transit Cargo Insurance

  • Annual Cargo Insurance

  • Storage Insurance

Why should businesses opt for Cargo Insurance?

Carrier liability only covers loss and damage due negligence of the carrier

Covers natural disasters, fire, and many more unpredictable events

Protects transport risks of highly hazardous and non-standard cargo

Catered to most needs for wider coverage and protection

Customised Insurance Solution

Besides the common Cargo Insurance, GDEX is able to offer customised insurance solutions for your valuable cargo through our trusted insurance partners


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