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Philosophy & Values

The guiding stars to our true north

The GDEX Philosophy
Why, and how we do it.

Our Core Values revolve around our people, emphasizing on positive energy, putting customers first, applying high standards of integrity, fostering teamwork, and being innovative to achieve competitive advantage. Meanwhile, our Management Principles focus on global mobility and being scalable, sustainable, and technology-driven. We strongly believe that our Corporate Qualities of 4P1S: People, Process, Platform, Product, and Speed; will deliver a cost-effective, speedy, and reliable express carrier service.

Well Implemented

Our organisation structure, operating systems, administrative functions, financial management, internal controls, and marketing strategies are based on the solid foundation of our Management Principles.

Well Balanced

Our values have to be protected and preserved above all. Proper corporate governance is in place to ensure operations are conducted with check and balance, applicable to everyone in the organisation, regardless of rank and seniority.

Well Versed

At GDEX, every member, including the Managing Director, must be hands-on. Managers work with operations staff for a holistic understanding of the business. The reciprocal commitment is the foundation of commitment to our customers.

Quality Policy

We are committed to ensuring every task is thoroughly planned and goals understood. Each process is only completed after checking that the goals are met. Whatever we do, we believe that there is always a better way to carry out the task. We must strive to discover the better way.

Mission & Vision

To deliver the most trusted and professional express carrier services in the countries we operate

Caring & Passionate

A team of caring and passionate people

Dynamic Processes

An organisation of sound values and dynamic processes


Empowering its customers with value-for-money effective solutions; and contributing to the well-being of the community

Leading Role Model

A leading role model in the logistics service industry